The Customer as the center of your Email Marketing Strategy

EN:Eugen Potlog is currently holding the position of Conectoo Manager (an email marketing solution by Conversion), focusing on implementing new technologies and extending Conectoo out of Romania’s border. In the past 2 years, he coordinated the development of Profitshare platform (the most advanced affiliate network platform in Romania), a big part of his experienced being accumulated


EN:Customers these days expect personalization from brands, and email is still the most preferred channel of communication between brands and individuals. By attending this workshop you will find how to develop a successful email marketing strategy by putting your customers first. We will also take a deep look at Marketing Automation techniques and scenarios designed especially for ecommerce, and how to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

Clientul tau, elementul central din strategia de Email Marketing

RO:Eugen Potlog ocupa in prezent pozitia de Manager Conectoo (serviciul de email marketing din cadrul Conversion), concentrandu-se pe implementarea tehnologiilor noi si extinderea serviciul in afara granitelor din Romania. In ultimii 2 ani a coordonat dezvoltarea platformei Profitshare (cea mai avansata platforma de marketing afiliat din Romania), datorand o parte mare din experienta sa perioadei in care dezvolta proiecte de online marketing pentru, cel mai mare retailer online din Romania.


RO:Clientii din ziua de azi se asteapta la personalizare din partea brandurilor, iar email-ul este in continuare cel mai preferat canal de comunicare intre branduri si clientii sai. Prin participarea la acest workshop vei afla cum sa implementezi cu succes o strategie de email marketing prin care clientii sunt pusi pe primul loc. De asemenea vom analiza tehnici si scenarii de Marketing Automation create special pentru ecommerce si vei afla cum sa transmiti mesajul potrivit la timpul potrivit catre persoana potrivita.