General Manager for Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia @ ECCO Shoes

Victor Tighinean

Victor Tighinean started his business in the footwear industry in 1998 with a few multi brand stores. In 2004 he obtained the master franchise ECCO for Romania and for the Republic of Moldova. In the same year he opened the very first ECCO store in Cluj–Napoca, the same city where he graduated.

The superior quality of the products and the engagement in developing the business resulted in the expansion of the business and in the growth of its annual turnover. Nowadays there are 24 ECCO stores and an online shop operating in the most important cities of Romania.

Based on the achieved performances in Romania, at end of 2015 Victor Tighinean was promoted as General Manager for Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia, having under his supervision 46 stores.

The online business started at the beginning of 2000, concretizing in 2012 when the website was launched. The maintained success at the online market was sustained by the omnichanel strategy, which is decisive for launching the website in Hungary, after which the strategy will be directed towards the other countries.