Owner @ iAgency.ro

Ovidiu Joița

Ovidiu Joita has worked in the marketing and advertising field for over 15 years. He has predominantly worked in the online field for the last 11 years and has handled hundreds of projects. He has founded iAgency.ro, his own marketing online and SEO agency in 2008. In iAgency’s portfolio, you can find famous names in the online Romanian market: elvila.ro, dcnews.ro, veloteca.ro, floria.ro, totalsoft.ro, retargeting.biz, gadgetworld.ro.

“I believe that every business needs to be present online! A lot of people have the wrong idea that only e-commerce businesses need online marketing or SEO. People are searching for everything on the internet: even for a company’s solvency, not to mention the quality of the products, of the services or the consumer’s reviews on these. What do we precisely do at iAgency? We handle a business located “high on the Everest mountain” that is available only for a few people each year and we bring it in the center of the city, in the most crowded traffic. We make it visible for everyone!”