Founder & CEO @ Retargeting.Biz

Rareș Bănescu

Rares Banescu is the CEO and Founder of Retargeting.Biz with an experience of over 10 years in Online Marketing. He launched Retargeting.Biz in 2013, a software that helps online stores automatically communicate with each client.

The tool learns from the actions of the visitors and then sends them personalized messages according to their journey, giving them the proper motivation to complete a purchase. Retargeting.Biz has now over 2000 happy clients from 5 continents in more than 30 countries and it generated over 25 million euros.


AI at your fingertips

The concept of automated marketing/retargeting for e-commerce is not new, it’s something that lot of marketers are trying to use in an attempt to steer their customers towards buying more. With a multitude impressive ad algorithms, you are spoiled for choice. But which of the available advertising solution to use? Why not one that gives you access to all communication channels in one place? Retargeting.Biz strives to do just that, with an all-in-one marketing solution that truly puts the I in AI.